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Lift Pit Liners - Trench Pit Liners

How to seal a lift pit
There are many problems when it comes to creating a watertight lift pit. These can include a high water table, shifting sand and weather conditions. Then there is the unpredictability of the onsite attempts at tanking and the costs of the contractor; attempting in difficult conditions to create a solid and dry base.

Here at Capvond Composites, we have many years experience within the civil engineering industry, supplying lift pit liners and trench pit liners. We are the experts in sealing lift pits. This is a one-stop answer to water ingress into one of the most difficult areas of lift shaft build. These custom made lift pit liners and trench pit liners are cost effective, 100% efficient and very easy to use, giving the contractor total confidence even in difficult build conditions.

Glass fibre trench liners provide an easy and quick solution to water ingress and a clean traffic system where pollutants can be detrimental to the equipment needed to be housed below. Our glass fibre trench pit liners provide a fast and efficient way of protecting high voltage cables, telemetric cabling or fluid pipelines.

Materials available include fire resistant, acid resistant and heat resistant, all manufactured to suit your individual needs.

If you want to chat about how we can meet your lift pit liner and trench pit liner needs, and find out how to seal a lift pit, give us a call today.

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Civil Engineering Product

Civil Engineering Product Civil Engineering Product Civil Engineering Product

Technical Specification of GRP Lift Pit Liners

Capvond GRP Lift Pit Liners provide a cost effective, efficient and long term solution to the perennial problem of providing a simple foolproof tanking system for lift pits.

Manufactured in rigid Glass Reinforced Plastic and finished with an Isothalic Gelcoat, Capvond provide a very durable lift pit liner with a high strength to weight ratio. The flexibility of this mixture of Thermo-Setting Resin and Glass Reinforcement allows for ease of moulding into a multiple of different shapes but still retain a high degree of impermeability. Colours and textures can be produced to customerís requirements and with no restriction to set sizes, Lift Pit Liners can be produced cost effectively to your own specific needs.

Lift Pit Liner units are one piece rigid mouldings, light weight and durable that will provide 100% efficiency that can be fitted in MINUTES in ANY WEATHER. Labour costs can be cut by over 90%, and with no curing time, concrete screed can be poured immediately after fitting. Sectional Lift Pit Liners can be manufactured where access and size restrictions are significant factors, once delivered to site they are joined and sealed by our operatives. In all cases Lift Pit Liners can be manufactured to your own requirements. Give us a call today to chat about sealing a lift pit.

Download our Lift Pit Liners Technical Sheet.


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